Operate efficiently

900 West Hastings is well equipped with state-of-the-art building systems.

Building Systems

  • Air quality systems

    900 West Hastings has superior building systems including a constant air volume dual duct air conditioning system, which offers simultaneous cooling and heating and a constant supply of fresh air to the office floors. Temperature zoning capabilities are virtually endless with the ability to provide a total of 33 thermostats for the typical office floor.

  • Lighting

    All office floors are equipped with recessed lighting fixtures with deep cell parabolic lenses. Deep cell parabolic lenses direct the light down and eliminate or reduce glare on computer monitors. All offices and meeting rooms are individually switched for optimum light control.

Building Elevators
  • Building Elevators
  • Building Elevators


900 West Hastings is equipped with three fast passenger elevators and one separate service elevator accessing the office floors. A higher than normal elevator ratio results in a faster service and shorter wait times. The elevator controls have upgraded under a comprehensive modernization program bringing the elevators to the quality of a brand new high rise office building.

  • Security

    The building is equipped with modern security systems. Card access systems regulate access to authorized users. CCTV cameras monitor activities of all entrance points and through out common areas.

  • Communications

    900 West Hastings is connected to the networks of Telus, Shaw ,Bell Canada, and Zayo. Our clients can choose their preferred service provider.

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